We are a volunteer network of parents, educators, and professionals, committed to creating resources and opportunities for mental health support  and education in the community.

Plainfield Parent Community Network Mission:

In alignment with Plainfield School District 202’s mission to serve the community in a trusting, supportive environment, in cooperation with home and community, a parent community network has formed. The Parent Community Network will strive to provide lifelong learning in our ever-changing society by working in collaboration with school, home, and community. The Parent Community Network will be composed of VOLUNTEER educators, mental health professionals, and community members. The Parent Community Network will offer free courses and events designed to equip families with new or additional skills, knowledge, and resources.

Committee Members:

Tim Albores, PSD202 Director of Student Services
Brian Sorg, PSD202 Principal Meadowview Elementary/ District Parent
Christine Belcastro, PSD202 Counselor Plainfield East High School
Nicole Knepper, Clinical Psychotherapist/Gerontologist/District 202 Parent
Corey Worden, Clinical Psychotherapist/District 202 Parent
Jenny Hamby, Marketing Professional/District 202 Parent
Kai Freeman, Principal Drauden Point Middle School
Mary Ellen Miller, Clinical Director Plainfield Academy/District 202 Parent